Wenguang Sun

Professor of Statistics

Center for Data Science

Zhejiang University

866 Yuhangtang Rd

Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310058, China

I am Professor of Statistics in the Center for Data Science at Zhejiang University (ZJU, 2022-present). Before coming to ZJU, I was a faculty member in the Department of Data Sciences and Operations (the Statistics group) in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (Professor 2021-2012, Associate Professor with tenure 2015-2021, Assistant Professor 2011-2015) in Los Angeles, California. Before going to USC, I was assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at the North Carolina State University (2008-2011), Raleigh, North Carolina. I was lucky to work under the supervision of Professor T. Tony Cai from the Wharton School to complete my PhD (Biostatistics, 2003-2008) at the University of Pennsylvania. I obtained my BS degree (Probability and Statistics, 1999-2003) at Peking University, China.

My research interests include large-scale multiple testing, selective inference, empirical Bayes methods, conformal inference, fairness in machine learning, transfer learning and statistical decision theory.

You are welcome to visit our center at ZJU in Hangzhou, China. Hangzhou is a scenic and romantic city whose rich history and astounding beauty have been preserved for centuries. This historical and splendid city has been loved and praised in all ages (continuously for over a thousand years!) by famous poets, writers and travelers.

selected publications

  1. Preprint
    A Burden Shared is a Burden Halved: A Fairness-Adjusted Approach to Classification
    Rava, Bradley, Sun, Wenguang, James, Gareth M., and Tong, Xin
    Technical Report 2021
  2. Preprint
    Nonparametric Empirical Bayes Estimation On Heterogeneous Data
    Banerjee, Trambak, Fu, Luella, James, Gareth M., and Sun, Wenguang
    Technical Report 2021
  3. JASA
    False Discovery Rate Control Under General Dependence By Symmetrized Data Aggregation
    Du, Lilun, Guo, Xu, Sun, Wenguang, and Zou, Changliang
    Journal of the American Statistical Association 2021
  4. JRSSB
    Covariate-assisted ranking and screening for large-scale two-sample inference (with discussion)
    Cai, T Tony, Sun, Wenguang, and Wang, Weinan
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology) 2019